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The chronological journey
woman has undertaken from ancient to the modern times.
Man and woman had once belonged to the same system for thousands of years.

The gradual development of the brain ultimately drew line of demarcation between human beings and animals. Man, and of course woman, began to think; started taking conscious decisions in difficult situations to survive against the vagaries of nature. Gradually, rationality replaced instinctive reactions and man overcame innate impulses, reminiscent of unconscious reactions inherited from the animal world. However, ‘MIGHT IS RIGHT’, the congenital law of the animal kingdom remained prevailing ever in the history of humankind.

During gradual development of mental faculties, man consciously maintained his superiority over woman in whatever he did in evolving a society that has norms, rules, and regulations expounded by him leaving no choice for woman but to submit to the will of man. Woman’s subservience to man became inherent. Man owned her in multitude as his personal property along with a horde of other women, fed them, protected them, used them for multiplying his clan, and traded them.

Since man has not consciously severed his link with the past, his attitude towards woman remains unchanged. Man’s domination around her has been so overwhelming all along history that even in the highly developed world of today after developing mental ability parallel to man; woman continues to remain subservient and continuously submits to man’s vicious desires to this day.

Woman is miserable everywhere - East or West. In East, Man owns her as his personal property. In elite society of the West, she is inducted as a showpiece, and is usually assigned customer-handling responsibilities. She is exposed in office environs as much as possible. She dances to his tunes, fills his nightclubs, pubs and dens of his sensuous vices. She surrenders to him everywhere. Man has always taken advantage of a susceptible woman for his personal gains and benefits. What is lamentable is that she does not realize she is being exploited. Woman generally forgets that it is a man’s world. He devises the laws that govern the society, for his own benefits and not for hers.

In some patriarchal societies, religion or tradition is used as a barrier for equal rights. For many years, the women of third world countries have been denied the most basic of rights – the rights to an education and even the rights to decide matters relating to their own marriage and divorce.

Those denied these rights are also deprived of the right of equality in the male-dominated society where women remain subservient to men. This inequality is a matter of serious concern and in need of urgent attention.

Each year, a large portion of women in Asia and Africa are forced to suffer domestic violence – such as beatings, torture, being burned, disfigured with acid, or even murdered by their own families. Others suffer sexual violence by family members, strangers, and even the police. Honor killings are rampant, as is abuse and torture in custody. All of which are considered to be social and cultural “norms”.

In a society, owing to strict family and tribal customs as well as lack of education and misunderstanding and false interpretation of religion, the domination of men and the subordination of women are assumed a part of culture and religion. That have forced women into a position of submission and fear and many live a life of oppression without the most basic of rights or the ability to defend themselves and surrender to men. Cultural beliefs and the structure of the family where a man is the head of the household and the women is answerable to him, leads to and legitimizes the punishments and violence inflicted upon women – a belief that has resulted in violence against women an accepted feature of domestic life.

The sale of women, "honor killings" incidents, death by burning, forced marriages and the curse of a dowry reflect the real state of affairs in a third world country. Moreover, with the passage of time, these social problems have become more complicated. The more one examines the problems faced by women and the ignorance that prevails in sections of society, the more it seems that to be a woman may alone be a crime in the society. These vicious traditions cause harrowing incidents daily and result in uproar in the media and some levels of society, but people stick by them simply because they do not have the sense and use of true information to stand up against them.

CHOOT Foundation
(A Consortium of Female-only Clubs)
An Indian based society was incepted and organized by a group of women rights activists under the direction and management of our beloved President Ratna Kumari in year 2004. Main objectives were to serve the female community throughout the world and most particularly in the brutal ethnicity of third world countries where human rights are not truly respected and the woman continuously submits to man’s vicious desires.

We are rebellions! We do not believe in the norms and standards of MAN-DOMINATED society. We make use of our contacts and resources for the help of molested women. We invite you to be with us in this struggle.

We impart knowledge and awareness to the subservient women through print media, electronic media and personal visits to the remote rural areas by holding there seminars and corner meetings.

We use CHOOT Foundation affiliated clubs for sharing our ideas on the net. For that purpose, we formed a Consortium of Female-only YAHOO! Groups.

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